100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die  (Revised Paperback Edition)

A second edition in paperback, revised and updated, is now available for 100 Things Mets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.

Enjoy the original? Well, this version is even better. It includes new sections on Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, David Cone, Al Leiter, Dave Kingman, and Lee Mazzilli. Plus reflections on the Shea Goodbye Ceremony, Citi Field, and the Home Run Apple. There’s also new sidebars and revisions throughout the book. 100 Things Mets Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is a book for the bucket list of every Mets fan or a good way to indoctrinate the unitiated into the cult of Metsdom.

Picking these moments takes a thorough knowledge of baseball history, a floor strewn with books and printouts, an electronic spreadsheet that allows for constant resorting, and a pressing deadline. One thing that wasn't agonized over was the understanding that rooting for the Mets is the greatest test of a sports fan's soul in New York. The sweeping highs and lows, the inferiority complex that comes from living in the shadow of Big Brother's Evil Empire, the legacy that not one but two baseball teams had to abandon New York for you to even exist, and the underlying feeling that things can't possibly get any worse. Well, sometimes they do. And sometimes you're on top of the world.

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