Shea Stadium Remembered, First Stop: QBC

If you are going to the Queens Baseball Convention on Saturday, January 19, congratulations! That was one hard ticket to get. It sold out before Christmas and I struck out a couple of different ways to get in. But author Brian Wright of Mets in 10s generously offered to share his vendor space with me and we will be there Saturday selling copies of our books.

Shea Stadium Remembered is officially released this week. It’s been a decade since Shea was dismantled and demolished, but I went picking through the rubble of history to unearth what Mets fans want to remember from the old place—and what they can’t forget. Like Shea itself—it may not have always been pretty, but the memories of the players, the people, and the days we’ll never get back made this project a lot of fun. Hope you agree. Stop on by and Shea Hey on Saturday at Katch Astoria at 31-19 Newtown Avenue.

Brian and I are even working on a special deal so people can buy one of each of our books at the event for a nice price. If you got shut out from going to the QBC, Brian and Wright will be collaborating again at the New York Public Library for a signing on March 18.